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What is Pug
Pug is an HTML preprocessor

Like Sass/scss, the css preprocessor, Pug helps to write HTML code simpler, faster, and more powerful.

Pug & Html
Who could utilize Pug?

Any code could be written in an HTML file may leverage Pug

HTMLAngularExpressJS (NodeJS)PHPVueJS...


Full documentation is atpugjs.org

Pug is a high-performance template engine heavily influenced byHamland implemented with JavaScript forNode.js and browsers. For bug reports, feature requests and questions,open an issue. For discussion join thechat room.

You can test drive Pug onlinehere

Rename from "Jade"

This project was formerly known as "Jade." However, it has been revealed to us that "Jade" is a registered trademark, and as a result, a rename is needed. After some discussion among the maintainers,"Pug" has been chosen as the new name for this project. The next major version will carry "pug" as the package name.

If your package or app currently usesjade, don't worry: we have secured permissions to continue to occupy that package name, although all new versions will be released underpug.

Before the renaming, we had already begun working on an incompatible Jade 2.0.0. We have then made it so that this new major version bump will coincide with the rename to Pug. Therefore, upgrading from Jade to Pug will be the same process as upgrading any other package with a major version bump. Currently, Pug 2.0.0 is still in beta stage, and there are several syntactic differences we have deprecated and removed. Such differences are documented at#2305.

The website and documentation for Pug are still being updated, but if you are new to Pug, you should get started with the new syntax and install the Pug package on npm.


Please refrence frompugjs

  • Via npmnpm install pug
  • Command Linenpm install pug-cli -g
  • Helppug --help


Please refrence frompugjs


For full API, seepugjs.org/api/reference.html


  • filename Used in exceptions, and required when using includes
  • compileDebug Whenfalse no debug instrumentation is compiled
  • pretty Add pretty-indentation whitespace to output(false by default)

Browser Support

The latest version of pug can be download for the browser in standalone form fromhere. It only supports the very latest browsers though, and is a large file. It is recommended that you pre-compile your pug templates to JavaScript.

To compile a template for use on the client using the command line, do:

$ pug --client --no-debug filename.pug

which will producefilename.js containing the compiled template.

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